DNA Policy

What does “DNA” mean?

DNA means Did Not Attend.

It is when a patient fails to attend their appointment without a valid reason, which results in a waste of an appointment. The appointment could have been given to another patient who maybe in urgent need of care.

If you need to cancel your appointment, then just let us know. We would like at least 24 hours’ notice, but we know this is not always possible, so, try and let us know at least 1 hour ahead of your scheduled appointment time. If you cancel your appointment with less than 1 hour to go, then this will still be classified as a DNA as we did not have enough time to offer and fill this appointment so it will be an unused appointment.


What can I do to cancel my appointment?

  • Call the Practice
  • Use SystmOnline or the NHS App

 What happens if I miss an appointment?


If you miss ONE appointment:

You will be sent a letter to remind you that you missed an appointment, and direct you to review this policy, so you are aware of the next steps if you fail to turn up to any other appointments within a 6 month rolling period.


If you miss TWO appointments within a rolling 6-month period:

You will be sent a warning letter from the practice, advising you that another missed appointment could result in you being removed from the practice list.


If you miss THREE appointments within a rolling 12-month period:

DNA POLICYYou will be sent a removal letter indicating that you are being removed from the practice list unless there was a valid reason for you missing your appointment.


If there is a valid reason, then the third DNA will be removed but the first two DNAs will remain.