Same Day Access Requests - from 28th June

Anima Online Same Day Access Service


In order to use and register for this Service  Click here


We are aware that there can be lengthy queues on our telephone system and patients have complained regarding our present online system for same day access requests. In response to the feedback we have received, we have implimented a new system called Anima.   

Anima has several functions; 

  • Avoids lengthy queues in the phone system
  • Helps you to self-diagnose using a symptom checker and self-help information
  • Helps you to determine the most appropriate place to go to get help with your condition - which may be your local pharmacy or the national 111 help line
  • Provides a mechanism to submit a secure and confidential  consultation DIRECT to your GP
  • Enables sending an electronic request to your GP for a 'Sick/Fit Note' and other administration reasons
  • A convenient way to contact the Practice


Three simple steps to consult your doctor online using Anima

  1. Log in to Anima
  2. Find your health condition and fill out a simple online questionnaire
  3. A member of the team will get back to you, within one working day with feedback and treatment options

 See video for a short demonstration