Face Masks & Social Distancing - January 2022

To All Our Patients

As a GP practice, we are a higher risk environment and will need to continue with more controlled measures than other public facilities to protect our patients and staff.

We will remain cautious:

  • Our staff are continuing to wear masks to protect you. 
  • We require you to continue to wear a mask to protect all our patients and staff
  • Please adhere to social distancing guidelines
  • Please only attend the surgery if you have an appointment
  • For same day treatment and care please continue to contact the surgery between the hours of 8.00 -12.00. This can be done online by completing a request form or telephone between the hours of 8.00- 12.00 to speak to a member of our team
  • Our consultations will continue; these might be offered as face to face, by phone or by video. It is worth noting that we are consulting with higher numbers of patients than we ever did before the pandemic, while also playing a big part in the vaccination programme too.  Please be courteous and respectful to our staff at all times.

 Thank you for your continued support


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